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en la tienda objeto directo español Madremia

En la tienda

Material para practicar de forma dinámica los complementos directos. Haz click en el enlace para descargar la transcripción de este episodio. Descargar

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ilustration by menastudio.pl for aymadremia

El hombrecito

Bienvenidos al Podcast MadreMía. En este episodio una reflexión importante que nos permitirá practicar pretérito imperfecto y su uso para describir acciones y repeticiones del

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El cliente que robó

Bienvenidos al Podcast MadreMía. En este episodio un cliente muy especial entra en un restaurante. Suscríbete a nuestro Podcast para practicar español de forma fácil

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El vecino

‘El vecino’ es una nueva entrega del Podcast Madre Mia para practicar el pretérito perfecto. Transcription of this episode: Transcription Podcast Episode ‘El vecino’

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ropa learning spanish clothes

La ropa

“La ropa” es un capitulo del Podcast MadreMia para practicar el vocabulario relacionado con la ropa. muchas prendas para elegir, pero ninguna parece ser la

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Las vacaciones

“Las Vacaciones” es un capitulo del Podcast MadreMia para practicar el vocabulario relacionado con el futuro “ir + a +” infinitivo”. Un viaje soñado, un

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ilustracion ayMadreMía Lorena N. Fernández

About Me

Hi there! My name is Lorena Neira Fernández and I have a Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting from the University of Vigo since 2010, Madre Mía, time flies! I am engaged in the pursuit of an effective, natural and entertaining method to teach and learn languages.Contact me to check how can I help you 🙂

My lessons / courses

Work, family, stress… give yourself a break and enjoy the experience of learning a new language in the easiest of possible ways! And the most important: do not waste your time commuting to a language school, you can find me at your own place, at your hotel when travelling, at work, in China… just log into your aymadremia.com account, Skype or call me on WhatsApp!

One to one lessons

60, 75 or 90 minutes of juicy conversation where
you will get to know grammar,
culture and new vocabulary in the most natural way!

In pairs

Enjoy learning with a friend! 🙂

In group (max. 4 people)

no shade of doubt that this are the most effective and interactive courses on earth! Join one of them!


Or if you need a real break and a total immersion: Let Lanzarote leave you open-mouthed. Beaches, volcanos, sun and the real language 24h!

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As a linguist, I am a passionate writer. I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, tips for learning languages… stay tuned! Find everything you need at aymadremia.com
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